Lori Edmonds Homestyle Chef, LLC

Chef Lori Edmonds Gregory

When most six-year-olds were happily making (and probably eating) mudpies, Lori Edmonds Gregory was blissfully cooking real pies gleaned from recipes from her Mother Jane and her Grandma Edna.  As a third generation Vineyarder, her natural love and ability was encouraged and enhanced by boundless Island gatherings and events. Family and friends happily sampled her creations and encouraged her to try different variations on favorites such as chicken piccata and that Vineyard staple bake stuffed lobster.  More than once, Chef Lori has received a standing ovation.

She approaches each meal, including weekday dinners, with flair.  She will use seasonal bounty to creatively mix fruits and vegetables, fish, and meats, with spices while ensuring that her creations are welcoming to a broad range of palates and dietary restrictions.

And her presentations are magnificent.  Her charcuterie board, sometimes 18 feet long, is a wonder of color and display.

Lori’s cooking philosophy and approach is to bring together flavor, artistry, and passion to meals that are truly tributes to family, friends, and her community.


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