Nyamnz Martha's Vineyard

Nyamnz Marthas Vineyard LLC was founded by Culinary Director Lacey-Ann Williams in 2020. Lacey, born in Jamaica and raised between the island and New York began this journey to share culinary goals & visions with each guest by offering an array of services paying homage to an authentic Jamaican, "nyammings" experience. Moved by the learning experience attached to sharing culinary experiences with others she has dedicated 5 years to sharing ancestral knowledge with guests in a variation of experience styles. From offering cooking classes in schools within rural communities in Jamaica during the winter. To partnering with local farms, and doctor's offices to offer nutritional cooking programs for members and patients of the Martha's Vineyard community. Lacey continues to strive for a knowledge-based model within catering and personal chef services around the United States & ensures to spread the impact within her home community, Jamaica.


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