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Andrew Taylor and Arlin Smith

Eventide Oyster Company
1321 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215
My Story

Arlin Smith and Andrew Taylor
Restaurant(s): Eventide

Owner and General Manager Arlin Smith hails from Buffalo, New York, and holds a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. Early in his career, his appreciation for all things hospitality drew him out of the kitchen. He has since led Big Tree’s front of house teams and spearheaded the melding of function and design in establishing each of the Big Tree Hospitality restaurants. He has become something of an authority on hospitality, and has spoken on the subject in podcasts, on panels, and to many print journalists. Arlin leads by example in his commitment to instilling a spirit of generosity in the company’s staff by managing all of Big Tree Hospitality’s philanthropic efforts.

Big Tree Hospitality chef-owner Andrew Taylor’s appreciation for the history of New England’s food grew out of an affinity for fishing and foraging. He is a James Beard Award-winning chef and father of four who has become adept at culinary improvisation, crafting innovative cuisine out of the most seasonal ingredients Maine provides. When he isn’t stomping through the woods searching for matsutake or reviewing the company’s financials, Andrew can be found cooking alongside his team. He is constantly looking toward the future and leading the company in new and exciting directions.

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