Top Chef Alum

From an early age, Joe Sasto possessed an unwavering determination to embark on a culinary journey, a passion ignited by his mother's astute recognition of his innate talent and devotion to the culinary arts. His culinary odyssey began in the heart of his family's kitchen, where his love for cooking flourished.

After earning his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis, Sasto delved into the culinary world, refining his skills under the expert guidance of Chef Michael Tusk at Quince, where Joe Sasto's passion for pasta reached its zenith. Entrusted with overseeing the handmade pasta program, he immersed himself in the rich traditions of Italian cuisine, adding to his culinary repertoire.

As Executive Sous Chef at the Michelin Starred Lazy Bear in San Francisco, Sasto maintained a steadfast commitment to local farmers, showcasing the ever-changing seasonal bounty of California. His culinary acumen played a pivotal role in elevating restaurants like the two-Michelin-starred Lazy Bear and the three-Michelin-starred Quince.

Later chef Joe Sasto assumed the role of Executive Chef in San Francisco and Los Angeles, marking the inception of his own culinary ventures. In 2018, he embarked on a mission to introduce his unique culinary experiences nationwide, including hosting exclusive events, teaching pasta classes, and curating fine-dining soirées. When the global pandemic struck in March 2020, Sasto adeptly adapted, pivoting to the virtual realm.

He embarked on a journey of sharing his culinary expertise through public and private livestream pasta lessons, collaborations with esteemed brands, the creation of food-centric content, and the development of delectable recipes, all while amassing a substantial and devoted social media following. Sasto's success can be attributed to his profound passion for gastronomy and his unique ability to connect with his audience through the harmonious blend of music, charisma, and an approachable culinary perspective.

In 2020, Sasto introduced his highly sought-after limited-production focaccia popup, Luna Focacceria, which garnered a dedicated following among discerning food enthusiasts.

Recently, Chef Joe Sasto has ascended to prominence in the realm of social media, amassing over 20 million "likes" and a plethora of viral videos. He graces television screens as a recurring judge, charismatic host, and celebrated culinary personality on esteemed networks, including Bravo, Food Network, and Roku. His culinary prowess has been showcased on notable culinary competitions, such as Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions and Guy's Grocery Games, where he consistently demonstrates his culinary prowess as an All-Star contender.

In partnership with knife maker and blacksmith, Doghouse Forge, Sasto has developed a high-end, customizable line of pasta and pizza tools. Notably, he recently launched TANTOS, a unique puffed pasta snack poised to tantalize taste buds in 2023. Concurrently, he is diligently composing his debut cookbook, which is currently slated for a 2024 release.

Chef Joe Sasto's accolades include a triumphant victory on The Food Network's "Chopped," riveting appearances on NBC's "Top Chef" and "Top Chef All-Stars," and the distinguished honor of being featured on The Food Network's inaugural "Hot List" of 2022.


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