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Chef Debbie Flinner Cohen

The Pawnee House
20h Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs, MA, USA
My Story

After spending 20 plus years in the front of the house of several esteemed restaurants across the US, Chef Debbie made the bold decision to take up the mantle of Executive Chef of her and her husband's new restaurant, a passion project called, The Pawnee House.

When Covid-19 related issues delayed the opening of The Pawnee House in 2020, the unflappable yet humble Debbie, who still describes herself as "just a home cook", capably steered the ship as The Pawnee House emerged strong and resolute from the pandemic.

Chef Debbie's cooking has gone on to help the Pawnee House earn some very rave reviews for its unique but approachable cuisine and inventive plant based, gluten free, as well as, more traditional meat-based comfort food offerings.

In 2022 The Pawnee House was placed number 39 on Yelp's first ever top 100 list of New England's best restaurants. Most recently the trendy Oak Bluffs eatery was highlighted in the New York Times popular travel feature "36 hours in Martha's Vineyard"
-(written by Debbie's adoring husband, The Pawnee House co-owner, Alex Cohen)

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